Wild or Traditional Principles

Many florists are correct when they incorporate the elements of floral design into their work: such as line, form, space, texture and color. We on the other hand, forgo the elements and focus on the principles: balance, proportion, rhythm, contrast, harmony and unity. After all, flowers often mimic life and life, as we know it, often incorporates these same principles.

Along with our catering services, we also offer floral. We are proud to be partnered with Amy’s Flowers of North Salem, N.Y. Amy is a local resident of North Salem who studied floral design with Paula Pryke in London and turned her passion into a business.

Whether it’s an intimate dinner party, a gift delivery or a lavish wedding affair, our floral experts take it to a new level of unique designs. Wild or traditional, romantic or vintage-inspired, there’s no wrong way to design. With hundreds of types of flowers out there, and so many different ways to arrange them, we guarantee your flower arrangements will reflect the vibe you desire for your event, providing a burst of color and life that will not disappoint.

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