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“Creating Memories” & “Keeping it Fresh”

Sitting at the dinner table, a little silence goes by and then… clink, clink of the wine glass. He says, “Why don’t you tell them?” And she says, “No, you,” and he says, “No, you,” and then she says, “O.K., O.K., I’ll tell them.” The suspense of a moment like this can be sugary. The unease of what’s to be said can be salty. It’s moments like this that can define the rest of the dinner party. And it’s moments like this that will matter – not what vintage the wine is.

Our chef and team will cultivate and enrich your evening by providing their culinary flair and humble flavors to the meal. Our provisions become more than just food on the table as you decide and we provide. We’ll take care of the professional and creative elements so that you can focus on the memories and moments that will last.

We enjoy working with clients who are looking for creative and fresh elements in both the presentation and the provisions. We create delicious, customized menus featuring local, sustainable ingredients. When the carrots arrive from the local farm, freshly harvested that day, the green tops are the best you’ve ever seen. Cut off and used as pesto, the carrot greens are what make our famous dish so fresh – The Roasted Carrots with Citrus Yogurt and Carrot Top Pesto.

We’ve catered everything from cocktails for 12, to sit-down weddings for 200, as well as company barbecues and cultural celebrations. If your event needs the creative and fresh touch in both provisions and presentation, please challenge us with the task.

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